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Our wide range of services can empower your business by deploying advanced software and technologies to help your business goals.

The technology we use is advanced, while the result is easy to use for you and your clients. Please see our presentation of various services to find the best option for your company.

1. Website Development

A modern website is the first step to present your company to the world

  • A stylish and professional website will impress your clients and attract new business. Besides the design, we focus on great User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

  • Mobile phones have overtaken the desktop as the dominant user platform on the Internet. Our websites are fully responsive and can be used smoothly on any device.

  • Manage and customize your entire website. You can edit texts, images, banners, blogs and more. Multi-language interface is provided in English, Japanese, Russian or Spanish (other languages can be added).

  • Our target is to convert site visitors to paying customers. Therefore, an effective website has to be designed around particular goals, which we enact in the site presentation.

  • All our websites come with an extended warranty period. We also provide full technical support that will guarantee system security and uninterrupted workflow.

2. Auction System

A new and improved interface for Japanese Car Exporters

  • Access all Japanese Car Auctions on any device. Clients can search for cars in table view, card view or thumbnail view. Sales Statistics are available for clients to research past sales. Deposit dealers can also check the month of production of cars. Automatic AI translation is available for Deposit Dealers.

  • Clients who have made a deposit (Deposit Dealers) can send you bids up to their available credit limit. Company manager can approve or reject bids from the Bid Manager page. A chat system is also available between the client and the manager.

  • Once a client has bought a car, it automatically becomes available in Purchased Cars. Here client can download an invoice, see additional information about Finances and Logistics. Client can also add Consignee information directly on the page.

  • Every client has a balance account that details their purchases and payments. It allows for a convenient way to track business activity for both clients and your company. Multi-language interface is also available

3. Business Management Software

Manage your entire business efficiently with DokoLink

  • Our proprietary software JDocs was specifically designed for Japanese export companies. It includes all the necessary functions for your company to manage the export process, starting from auction bidding, order creation, invoicing, remittances, client balances, logistics and more.

  • Keep all information about sold cars in a single file, which is easily accessible in the cloud. Input auction expenses, transportation costs, manage refunds and calculate profits. Automatically generate proforma invoices and keep track of international remittances from clients.

  • If your company exports spare parts, or any other goods from Yahoo Auctions, Rakuten, or other stores, we have the fully integrated solution for you. It includes using barcode scanner, automatic tracking, accounting and much more. We can also develop custom websites for your customers to buy goods from Yahoo Auctions online.

  • Get a full picture of sales trends, monitor client balances, highlight unpaid invoices and issue reminders to your clients

  • Manage access level for your customers, from General Manager with full access, to Sales Agents or Administrators with limited access to certain data

4. Online Promotion

We can promote your services to international customers

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