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Our wide range of services can empower your business by deploying advanced software and technologies to help your business goals.

The technology we use is advanced, while the result is easy to use for you and your clients. Please see our presentation of various services to find the best option for your company.

1. Website Development

A modern website is the first step to presenting your services to your clients.

  • A stylish and professional website will impress your clients and attract new business. Besides the design, we give a lot of thought to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

  • Mobile phones have overtaken the desktop as the dominant user platform on the Internet. Our websites are fully responsive and can be used fluently on any device.

  • Directly control and customize your entire website. This includes editing texts, images, banners, blogs and more. Multi-language interface is provided in English, Japanese, Russian or Spanish (other languages can be added).

  • Our target is to convert site visitors to paying customers. Therefore, an effective website has to be designed around particular goals, which we enact in the site presentation.

  • All our websites come with an extended warranty period. We also provide full technical support that will guarantee system security and uninterrupted workflow.

2. Auction System

Get full access to all Japanese Car Auctions, Bikes and Machinery for your clients

  • With our system, your clients can get access to all major Japanese Used Car Auctions, Oneprice Cars, Motorcycle Auctions and Machinery Auction. Users can see upcoming auctions and place bids on the cars they want to buy. Your manager can see all bids, decide to accept or reject bids and inform clients on auction results.

  • Before placing bids on Car or Bike Auctions, clients can research Market Prices for the cars or bikes they want to buy. This includes comparing similar models, years, mileages and conditions of previous auctions. We have over 10 years of data that has been compiled into Market Price sales statistics, giving you and your clients a comprehensive insights.

  • Your clients can place bids by entering bid amount, include groups and add special request. Cancellation is also accepted, depending on your settings. All bids can be reviews on the Bid Manager page.

  • Company managers can review all client bids, before actually auctioning cars on auctions. Bid Manager offers many useful functions for the manager, including sorting, filtering, messaging, export to Excel and much more. Please request a free demo for a full list of options available.

3. Business Management Software

Manage your entire business efficiently with DokoLink

  • Our proprietary software JDocs was specifically designed for Japanese export companies. It includes all the necessary functions for your company to manage the export process, starting from auction bidding, order creation, invoicing, remittances, client balances, logistics and more.

  • If your company exports spare parts, or any other goods from Yahoo Auctions, Rakuten, or other stores, we have the fully integrated solution for you. It includes using barcode scanner, automatic tracking, accounting and much more. We can also develop custom websites for your customers to buy goods from Yahoo Auctions online.

4. Online Promotion

We can promote your services to international customers

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